Las Venturas Show!!!

Las Venturas - soldout at "Gipsy" club

Every party should have a highlight moment!

The club is packed, everyone freezes in anticipation, what will happen next? Just another DJ or MC? Which moment you'll remember the most? And, most importantly, what should you post in your stories?

Laser drum show

All this questions are removed when Las Venturas drum show appears!

Led drum show

With the help of laser beams, cosmic pixel suites and high-energy playing, we've painted the iconic Gipsy club beyond recognition, moving the visibility to a different space, where there is only room for dancing, jumping and shouting "WOW!"s

Trio drummers

Welcome to the ship of hit music! There are no seats here, but the dance floor is at your disposal! Meet. Las Venturas Show live at Gipsy:

Alexey +995 511 27 28 46
Nikita +995 511 27 28 47